Living a Bigger Life
Living a Bigger Life
Julie Creffield

Welcome to Living a Bigger Life

The community for women who are done with playing small

About Me

Are you still waiting for life to really start?

Are you sick of putting everyone else first and never finding time for the things that are important to you?

Feeling like there must be more to life than what you are currently accessing? Worrying that life is passing you buy and everyone else is living bigger, more exciting lives.

I used to think that about me, and then before you knew it I had let my life spiral into depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and self-sabotage. with all the bad decisions I was making across all areas of my life.

I was completely out of allignment

Then one day I decided that nobody was coming to save me, I had to work on myself and re-find the energy I had as a youngster, the zest for life, my quest for adventure.

I had to stop playing small, and start living BIG.

I realised my life had become so small, tiny in fact (partly due to my belief that I had to be slimmer to be happy) and it really was time to live BIGGER no matter what size jeans I happened to be wearing.

I have been on the most epic of personal development journeys over the last few years and it is my absolute privilege to host this community of women on their own journeys towards living BIGGER more adventurous lives.

So come join us...I promise we will look after you.

Why Join Us?

Women tell me all the time that they feel disconnected...lonely even. It's not that they don't have friends and family, and sometimes even partners...but not everyone gets them, not everyone supports their desire to change things in their lives.

The Living a Bigger Life community is a place where women can explore what health, wealth and happiness means to them, while setting and achieving BIG FAT STUPID GOALs and managing the day to day pressures of being a modern woman (whatever that means ha ha)

It is a place to learn, to explore, to vent, to share, to encourage, to challenge, to plan, to dream, to scheme...its a place to feel safe, and welcome and loved.

It's not just a talking shop though.

Each month we have a different theme with challenges, ways to get involved, live group and 121 coaching, prizes for engagement, guest experts and all sorts of other fun things.

And the direction of the community is in the hands of its members as they create interest groups, challenges, adventures and local meet-ups

It's life coaching and personal development but not as you know it.

The spice girls have nothing on us women...even now ha ha

"I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want"

A Big Thanks

I would like to give a special shout out to the 70 or so women who have helped me create this programme. These women have been part of my Living a Bigger Life Mastermind over the last 2 years...and have helped me shape this community to be the best it can be. These guys will have a badge that recognises them, so keep an eye out for their words of wisdom as these women have already been on a journey with this work and are happy to help you on yours.

It never fails to surprise me how generous women are when they feel safe and supported, don't believe me? Come get involved and you will see.